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Easy WareHouse Management is an integrated management system for complete inventory management and point of sale.

The first program of its kind to be born for APPLE computers.

This software is a system dedicated to the trade, suitable both for a single commercial activity and large chain stores or Franchises.
Optimizing the most out of your work.

Easy WareHouse Management allows you to have complete management of your shop, ensuring better control of your inventory, by purchase from vendors for a complete management of the sales stage and relationship with customers.

This program was born from the experience and acquired for more than 10 years in the industry.

System reliability, quality, ease of use and the use of standard equipment nor make a winning system, satisfying your every need, saving time on assistance and spare parts.

The graphical interface has been designed to make your application an intuitive product, easy to use.

Technical Characteristics:

* Product Management;
* Barcode Management (possibility to create EAN8-EAN13);
* Customer Management (Individual/Company);
* Manage Suppliers;
* Management sales agents;
* Manage inventory loading and unloading;
* Management print and Creating labels for products and shelves;
* Managing Fidelity Card;
* Managing Product Groups;
* Automated management of the sale in the Front Office;
* Manage Invoices/Packing List/Offer for Sale;
* Ability to invoice with withholding tax;
* Manage 5 different sales price for product ;
* Management Statistics (Sale/Purchase);
* Utilities for sale and database management;
* Calculating Commissions Agents;
* Inventory Management;
* Data Backup Management;
* Import & Export Management data;
* Manage Subscriptions;

Flexibility to interact and manage the best technologies for simple management and at the forefront of your business.

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