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Easy WiFi, the ultimate application to connect to hotspots is now available on your Mac !

This application allows you to connect to many public networks (hotspots) with your credentials, but also synchronize the wireless keys from your Mac to your other devices with the iOS app Easy WiFi.

Here compatible public networks :

• Bouygues Telecom Wi-Fi
• FreeWifi
• FON_BELGACOM (Belgium)
• SFR WiFi Public
• McDonald's France
• orange
• Wifi Gratuit Decathlon (France)
• TELENETHOTSPOT (Belgium, Luxembourg)
• TELENETHOMESPOT (Belgium, Luxembourg)
• VOO_HOMESPOT (Belgium)

- Rapidity : Fill once your credentials, the application saves them, and runs in the background. It automatically logs you in when you switch wireless networks.

- Simplicity : Everything is done automatically. You can save password for multiple services if you have accounts for multiple networks.

- iCloud synchronization of credentials between your iPhone / iPod and iPad with Easy WiFi for iOS on the App Store.

- Management of private networks : import your private network keys and synchronize them between your devices with iCloud, install a network in 2 clicks on your iOS devices.

This application requires at least Mac OS X 10.7.

IMPORTANT: Before leaving a negative comment, or if the application does not work, write me in the application. Thank you !

Requires having hotspots credentials for Orange, Free, Sfr, FON, VOO, Telenet or Bouygues Télécom to connect to hotspots. Make sure you can log in with your SFR credentials to SFR WiFi Public networks.

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