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Plan, Track and Review your week with Elisi. Elisi is an easy to use yet versatile weekly planner, project todo list and habit tracker.

• Plan
Make better task arrangements by having a high-level view of your whole week. Our weekly based to-do list helps you achieve higher productivity while maintaining balance.

• Track
Keep up with important practices: meditation, exercise, water consumption, book reading etc. Live life with momentum.

• Projects
Always know your progress toward a goal by tracking to-do items via project view. Tasks for projects can be dragged into a weekly to-do list so you know exactly when to do what.

• Fast Notes
Jot down anything that needs remembering, then take it everywhere with you.

• Take Elisi anywhere, everywhere
Elisi works in almost all modern browsers, and runs on most computers, phones, and tablets. Elisi also works without an internet connection then syncs data automatically when you are connected. With Elisi, you can plan, track and accomplish from any device anywhere.

Download Elisi today and take control of your life!

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