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Recovers your lost email contacts in seconds. Supports Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Apple Pages, Word, PDF, and more.

The ONLY app on the market that works flawlessly with both Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

Supports more file formats than competitors' software.

Email Extractor for Mac OS X is a handy tool to extract email addresses from files on your computers, fast and precisely. It retrieves all valid email addresses, automatically removes duplicates, and intelligently takes off false email addresses. It supports Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and more...

Easy to use: simply drop & drop the files and folders onto the program window, then click button "Extract Email Address"

=== Supported file formats and software ===

1. Apple Mail (extracting email addresses from Apple Mail folder)
2. Outlook for Mac. Our email extractor software is the ONLY app on the market that works accurately with Microsoft Outlook for Mac.
3. Plain-text files
4. Unicode-encoded files (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16 Big endian)
5. PDF files
6. Apple Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files
7. Microsoft Office 97 ~ 2016 files (Word, Excel)
8. Pasteboard/Clipboard. (Click at the icon to extract email addresses from the pasteboard/clipboard.)
9. zip, gzip, bzip2, 7zip, tar, and rar file formats.
10. Various other formats....

*** Why choose our Email Extractor software over others? ***

There might be many other programs called "email extractor". This is the only one that can actually help you.

1) Supports Apple Mail, the most widely used Apple email client, and Microsoft Outlook for Mac, plus a wide array of popular file formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, Apple Pages documents, PDF and MS Word files.

Our email extractor software supports more file formats than any competitor's software. And, it's the ONLY app on the market that works flawlessly with both Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook for Mac. You can try any competitor's software against Apple Mail or Outlook for Mac data, just to be surprised by the tons of false positives those email extractor programs will produce.

2) Few false email addresses. Email Extractor for Mac intelligently identifies and removes false addresses like, , and saves hours or even days of your valuable time for manually picking bad addresses. By contrast, our competitors' software may give you more false addresses than real email addresses. Imagine a situation: you are given 20,000 addreses, only 1,000 are valid. Are you going to send email to such a list, only to receive tons of bounced back emails and be banned by your ISP?

3) Works lightning fast. No exaggeration: it only takes seconds to scan your whole Apple Mail data.

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