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*****Special Offer Now, Only $14.99, 63% Off*****
ePub to PDF Converter: A requisite Mac tool for batch creating PDF files from ePub books on Mac

&&&&&When speaking of ebook formats, ePub would be the one rank only second to PDF among all sorts of ebook formats for all electronic books nowadays. It is widely-used and highly accepted by most popular and fashionable e-readers. The only exception is the Amazon Kindle series. So as not to miss reading your ePub books on Kindle or some non-mainstream devices, Amacsoft ePub to PDF for Mac would be your good assistant.

* Faultlessly work in the book conversion from ePub to PDF on Mac.
* Rapidly process on piles of ePub books in one transformation operation.
* Completely save ePub files as PDF on Mac by keeping original content and layout.
* Effectively finish the entire workflow within a cup of tea time no matter how many files input.

&&&&&Unique Features of ePub to PDF for Mac

&&&Robust Converting Functions

* A single ePub book (even coming in large size with a great many pages) can be saved as PDF in seconds.

* A batch of ePub books (with no limit to the file amount) can be changed into PDF files on Mac in a short amount of time.

* Miraculous preservation of existing contents and structures is supported for creating Adobe PDF files from ePub on Mac.

&&&Efficient Conversion Ability

* Enable to input and convert a folder of ePub books to PDF on Mac directly without any sweat.

* Concise and easy interface makes every Mac user (no matter a novice or an advancer) to handle the entire conversion in straightforward three steps as well as count 1, 2, 3.

* Customize page size, document margin, document description for the output PDF files as you like. Even you can secure these PDFs by applying owner password or user password, as well as copying, printing or editing permission.

* No matter a single file conversion or a number of files' transformation, this ePub to Adobe PDF Converter for Mac can achieve it in a shot with advanced technical supported.

&&&Extra Services

* Free but professional support from the technical team is come up with each registered user all year round.

* Automatically check available update for each user leisurely and freely.


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