Essential Training for Acoustic Guitar - Part One

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The bluegrass style is one of the most rewarding and technically demanding ways to play guitar. Unlike acoustic guitar, it concentrates on rhythm, groove, and playing as part of an ensemble—the skills Grammy-winning flatpicker Bryan Sutton emphasizes in his series, Bluegrass Guitar Lessons. Part 1 concentrates on the fundamentals of bluegrass guitar: picking and fretting, posture, and flatpicking flow. We cover everything from holding the guitar and pick to strumming, fingering the fretboard, and using downstrokes, upstrokes, and repetition to reproduce popular picking patterns. And also help you develop a sense of rhythm, muscle memory, and consistent sound and tone, and breaks down a selection of popular bluegrass tunes that are important for the repertoire of any bluegrass guitarist.

Contents of Essential Training for Acoustic Guitar - Part One:

1. Getting Started
2. Right- and Left-Hand Fundamentals
3. Picking Pattern Exercises
4. Basic Phythm and Chords
5. Basic Bluegrass Tunes1

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