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Learn the locations of Europe's countries, capitals, and flags with interactive learning! Select the correct answer on a scrollable, high-resolution image of Europe. Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn Europe's geography using a fun and interactive method!


•Scrollable, high-resolution map of Europe with 18 modes for learning, divided up by region and mode (countries, capitals, flags)
•A star system tracks your progress in each mode, and a percentage meter tracks your overall progress in the application
•Answer keys for each region/mode. Careful, your star score won't be saved if you use it!
•Option to choose between a full screen or scrolling map
•In scrolling mode, incorrect answers will cause the map to scroll to the correct location, making your learning fast and efficient
•Two Midterms and one Final Exam, combining all of the modes together for the ultimate test of your knowledge!
•'Report Card' that can be printed to track your progress (or that of a student!)
•All the countries of Europe, divided up by region and mode:

18 modes:

•Countries: Western
•Countries: Southern
•Countries: Northern
•Countries: Eastern
•All European Countries

•Capitals: Western
•Capitals: Southern
•Capitals: Northern
•Capitals: Eastern
•All European Capitals

•Flags: Western
•Flags: Southern
•Flags: Northern
•Flags: Eastern
•All European Flags

•Midterm Exam 1
•Midterm Exam 2
•Final Exam

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