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Event Admin is an intuitive Mac Application that will be the backbone for planning and organizing your events and functions.

Event Admin will allow you to track and organize all the details of your event in an organized way. Everything that could come up in organizing your event or function is built into this app. Event Admin will be your right hand​ when it comes to executing your event properly.

App Features:
- Easily add unlimited event entries and save them for future reference
- The dedicated section to plan out your event in a more organized way.
- This includes Agenda, Planning, ToDo, Schedule, Participation, Guest, Expenses, Vendors, Assigned.
- Add Schedules and set reminders
- Create guest lists with contact info and short notes.
- Add expense charts with rate per item and the total cost will be calculated automatically.
- Create a list of people assigned to different tasks and tag them with the concerned task in different sections.
- Import contact details from your guests and use as needed.
- Print out charts from different sections of event manager.

Download Event Admin today! Planning an event will never be easier, especially since this app is so easy to use and very visual.

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