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EVOX, is a cloud based communication system for your business. You can manage your system features and functions and your extensions online using our admin system, make and receive calls on your PC app, mobile app, or IP phones of your choice. Cloud migration is changing how business operate and EVOX is transforming how your business communicates with new AI powered technology.

EVOX allows you to replace your old hardware PBX with a smart AI powered business communication platform that evolves and expands according to your needs without ever having to buy new hardware.

Use EVOX to:
- Look professional with your own business numbers
- Add mobile or desktop extensions for your team according to their needs
- Save money on toll charges
- Avoid roaming charges and long distance charges when you travel abroad
- Eliminate upfront cost of buying and installing hardware. You pay monthly for what you use
- Allow customers to reach you wherever you are
- Easily reach your team members or customers using the contact list
- Answer phone calls with a smart auto-attendant system
- Complete call history at your finger tip including any missed calls
- Manage your phone system and analyze your call traffic with an online admin system
- Add on customer service features to better serve your customers with group ring and voice recordings
- Enjoy new functions and technology as they are developed on the cloud

EVOX works just like your office phone – only much better with ever increasing functionality!

With EVOX, you’ll get:
- Your own business number
- Additional direct dial numbers (add on)
- Multiple location phone numbers (add on)
- Multiple extensions on PC, desktop phone or mobile phone
- Voicemail with personal greeting
- Smart auto-attendant for inbound calls
- Customer service features like group ring and voice recording
- Comprehensive admin system that allows you to program and manage your phone system
- Call detail records with tools to analyze your call traffic

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