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The Fahrtenbuch Mac Companion with iCloud & Dropbox integration!

Fahrtenbuch | Maps exclusive for Apple macOS
The "Fahrtenbuch" Mac Companion with full iCloud integration!

Fahrtenbuch | Maps is the macOS application as a complement to the iPhone Fahrtenbuch.

You also need the mobile App "Fahrtenbuch" to track your trips Fahrtenbuch | Maps only work together with the Fahrtenbuch mobile app!

Welcome to Fahrtenbuch | Maps of the Fahrtenbuch Mac Companion.
The functionality is just as you are accustomed to from the iPhone Fahrtenbuch, constantly evolving. Direct PDF, CSV, Excel export of trips are done in "one klick" and the expression of the journey log as easy as possible! Have fun with Fahrtenbuch | Maps!
It has never been easier to control, print or export your iPhone Fahrtenbuch as PDF, CSV, Excel!

Please note:
- Fahrtenbuch | Maps is optimized for Apple macOS version 10.7 and newer.
- You need our iPhone logbook (best with activated "Accurate Track Recording").
- You need a backup of the Fahrtenbuch mobile app in the icloud | Drobox.
- Use the search field in Fahrtenbuch | Maps to filter trips.
- Straight from the iPhone, you can read the data only if Fahrtenbuch | Maps sharing on the iPhone is enabled in Fahrtenbuch settings.

Enjoy the ride with Fahrtenbuch | Maps!

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