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Favorite Recipes is an easy-to-use recipe organizer. Quick input, convenient viewing, quick advanced search, unlimited number of recipes, categories, images, tags.

Key Features:
- Quick and easy recipe input.
- Easy and convenient image insertion from any source. The number of images for one recipe is not limited. Supports Drag & Drop.
- Tooltip of words when entering ingredients, tags, description.
- Automatic formatting of ingredients and descriptions.
- Easy and convenient zooming of images for viewing.
- Create a shopping list. The ability to select several recipes at once and put in the shopping list in one click.
- Ability to share or print recipes, shopping list.
- Create any number of categories. Moving categories inside the list.
- Create a "Favorites" list. The ability to select several recipes at once and put it in the "Favorites" list in one click.
- Creation of own recipe rating. The ability to select several recipes at once and set the rating.
- Search everywhere, by name, by tag, by ingredient and description.
- Sort by name, rating, entry to the shopping list.
- Font size setting.
- The number of recipes is not limited in the full version. Available are 7 recipes in the free version.

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