File Safe - Password-Protected Document Vault

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Easily store secret files in File Safe. The app takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide a both convenient and secure way of accessing private files.

You can add all photo types you can think of to the app. This includes not only regular text documents but also your videos and photos and much more. In addition to that, File Safe is also able to view nearly every file type. Within the app you can preview your photos, word documents and photoshop files at the same time.

After adding files to the app they are password-protected and can only be accessed by entering a user-defined password. This helps to prevent other people from seeing private files and ensures higher protection against thefts.

-Password-protected access to private photos, documents, images, videos and more
-Private web browser: Download your private files easily. All downloads are automatically password-protected!
-Supports nearly every file format
-Prevents unwanted looks at your files from business partners, friends and family
-Directly view your private files without leaving the app
-Integrated preview
-Intuitive and modern user interface

Advanced features:
-Hotkey for ultrafast access
-Sort private files directly into groups
-View multiple images at once

Protecting private files was never so easy. Download File Safe now!


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