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FileLink lets you transfer files between other Macs on your network with ease. Just share some folders, and it's ready to go.

Share files between Macs quickly and easily with FileLink.

FileLink uses your local network and WiFi Direct to discover other Macs nearby that also have FileLink installed.

To get started using FileLink, select some folders on your computer, add a password (optional) to them, and add them to your shared folders list. Other computers using FileLink that connect to your computer will be able to access those shared folders and manage the files within.

Once connected to a remote, shared folder, just drag and drop files between FileLink's browser and Finder for an easy exchange!

Filelink is similar to services like FTP, SMB, AFP, and other file serving systems. The difference with FileLink is that it is an easy-to-use, self-contained environment, which does not require configuring a server or any other special knowledge to use.

FileLink is typically best for exchanging documents, photos, and other files. Folders can also easily be transferred in the same way as files. Large files over 1GB can be transferred with FileLink, but compression times will be much more noticeable.

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