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Photo Movie Pro can showcase your Travel, Wedding and story to fit any occasion-with a real film feel . Just drag in your photos and music can transformed into wonderful movies you can share with your friends .

Photo Movie Pro provide transition and ken burns effect . You can custom and save your ken burns effect , only need edit once and permanent use your ken burns effect .

Add multiple music as background music . You can trim music and set fadein fadeout .

Export slideshow to video, you can custom video format, frame rate , resolution and bit rate .

If you want to adjust photos play order you can click “Photo Sort” button . It’s easy to adjust the play order here .

##### Main Function #####

1. Transformed photos to movie .
2. Provide 60 transition effect .
3. Can add multiple music as background music .
4. Use and save ken burns effect .
5. Photo edit ( Crop, Rotate, Effect ) .
6. Photo sort - adjust photos play order .
7. Custom photo show duration and transition duration .
8. Can apply your edit effect to all photos , save your time .
8. Support all photo formats .
10. Can save and open your project .
11. Before export to video you can preview your video .
12. Export to video or DVD .
13. Add text on slideshow .

Note: If you have some problems, Please send an email to I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.


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