FireParse - Parse data browser + Firebase realtime data backend

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FireParse is a data browser inspired by the look and written of It is written on top of Google’s Firebase, and is designed to take the realtime data capabilities of Firebase and combine it with a flexible and easy-to-use data browser. Users transitioning from Parse will find the app to be instantly familiar.

Firebase is a wonderful service. However, The JSON tree structure of their data browser can be a little daunting for beginners, and some tasks are downright painful to accomplish. has an incredible data browser, but will be shutting down their services soon. FireParse is an attempt to combine the best of both worlds. (Parse data browser + Firebase realtime data)

The app was designed to address these specific items, and make them easier when working with Firebase:

• Use of Classes & Rows
• Create pre-existing data easily for a Firebase
• Support for files and images
• Version Control
• Batch editing and deleting of data

The app has been written to be robust and quick. It does has opinions when it comes to structuring the JSON tree, and works best with a new Firebase. The best way to get to know FireParse is to open up a browser and watch the realtime edits to your Firebase backend. You’ll love how much easy it is to edit and change data using FireParse.

What FireParse is:
- A familiar way to work with Firebase data for those migrating from Parse
- The perfect solution to add a lightweight backend to your apps
- A solution to many pain points when working with Firebase. ex: image support, batch editing, versioning.
- A work in progress. More features and documentation coming soon!

What FireParse is not:
- FireParse is not a drop-in replacement for your existing Firebase backend. It is designed for creating a new Firebases
- A replacement for Firebase. You will still need to understand the documentation for Firebase and how to use the service. Especially when creating security rules and retrieving data.

For questions and concerns please contact me. I’d love to hear your feedback! FireParse is a pretty new idea, so if you have any feature requests do let me know ;)

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