FlatMol 2 Lite

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FlatMol 2 Lite is a free but limited version of FlatMol2

- A chemical structure drawing program

-Only one canvas may be saved
-up to 5 molecules may be saved
All other features are identical; there are no advertisements or time limitations

NOTE: Presently, neither saved molecule(s) nor the canvas will transfer to the full version

Simple and flat, chemical structures made with this program are designed to be compatible with a paper surface rather than to compete with 3D models.

FlatMol 2, written in Swift™ is a complete re-write of FlatMol
(original flat mol data is not compatible)

◦ New and Easier User Interface
◦ A Tab Bar to compartmentalize similar tasks.
◦ A Toolbar for generic tasks
◦ Molecules are saved using Apple’s Core Data (a database system).
◦ Document-based: more than one document can be opened at a time.  
each document contains its own set of molecules (canvas).
◦ A predefined set of functional groups are included.
◦ Saved molecules may be classified into groups for organization

◦ A molecule may be copied from one document and then 
saved in another open document.
◦ A molecule may now be flipped horizontally or vertically (as well as rotated)
◦ The size of the atoms may be increased ( 3 discrete sizes )

◦ User may copy and paste molecules.
◦ Undo ( command Z ) for most operations.
◦ multiple bonding representations are available

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