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Frequency is the right app to create audio or music compositions. You can add how many audio tracks you want, both from audio and video files, modify and enhance with filters and equalizer.
Create your sound easily and quickly.


- Supports all the most common audio formats: M4A, MP4, MP3, AIFF, WAV...
- Import audio tracks from video files: supports MOV, MP4 and M4V video formats.
- Add how many tracks you want: you can create your own composition with no limits to duration and file number.
- Trim and arrange: you can select the segment you want to maintain and set the start and end time.
- You can edit time with maximum precision.
- Change volume, speed, channel mix and add fade in or/and fade out.
- Filters include pitch, reverb and ambience.
- High Pass and Low Pass with resonance and Band Pass filters.
- Use the Bass Booster to exalt low frequencies.
- Equalizer with 10 bands and preamplifier (+24/-24 db gain).
- Use audio units for advanced audio processing:
- N-Band Equalizer
- Graphic Equalizer (31 bands/10 bands)
- Audio Filter
- Dynamics Processor
- Multiband Compressor
- Distortion
- Delay.
- You can apply equalizer and filters to all tracks separately.
- You can export audio tracks individually.
- You can export reversed tracks.
- Add time markers to precisely set track start/end time.
- You can save your own presets and apply them to audio files when you want.
- Export as AAC, AIFF, WAV or CAF (Core Audio) file: you can set sample rate and bitrate.
- Add saved files to iTunes Library.

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