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富途牛牛 - A股港股美股行情交易操盘利器

发行商: Shenzhen Futu Network Technology Company Limited
价格: 免费


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[!listed!] one-stop digital financial service platform from NASDAQ-listed Futu Holdings Limited (FUTU)
[!shareholders!] Strategic investment from Tencent, Matrix Partner, Sequoia Capital and General Atlantic
[!award!] "KPMG Financial Technology Top 50" for 2016, 2017 and 2018
[!award!] "Financial Technology Impact Brand" of the 7th China Finance and Economic Summit
[!award!] "2018 Hurun New Financial Technology Innovation Award"

"Futubull" is a financial service platform which is tailor-made for local and overseas investors. It can access the HK\US\CN stock markets through the apps. Real-time stock quotes, intelligent and conditional orders, online customer support are available to users. It delivers latest updates of global financial information. It is the best online financial tool!

Why choose Futubull?
[!global!] Access HK\US\CN markets via 1 account
[!rtqs!] No more delay, instant updates from 3 major markets
[!multi!] conditional order, trailing stop order, and other functions to help you preserve profits and reduce losses
[!online!] Online interaction with masters and share your investment experience!
[!excellent!] In the era of experience economy, we iteratively and continuously optimize product experience.

We hope Futubull will become your best companion in your investment!

Special Features:
1.Financial derivatives: Support the derivatives of the Warrant&CBBC, Options, Futures and other derivatives, rich variety investment strategy!
2.Live Chat: char room for multiple users, interact with masters, Resourceful information sharing among users!
3.Community: Online interaction with masters and share your investment experience!
4.Financial calendar: Updating financial events, discovering the best trading opportunities!
5.Reminder: Support 14 reminder types, 24-hour cloud monitoring, discover Market changes at the first time!
6.Big data applications: Emotion index, Interpretation of indicators, AI Market Monitor, Screener, Similar Charts, etc., use big data to build up your investment path!

All investments involve risks, please be careful!

If you have any question, please contact us via:
Official website:
WeChat public number: futunn
Company address: 25/F, Unit 1, Building D, Kexing Science Park, 15 Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


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