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Goods rental system

发行商: Vladimir Romanov
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The present program “Goods rental system” gives you an opportunity to simplify and speed up the leasing process. The program is designed for registering the leasing process of any good: special equipment, operating equipment, real estate, transportation means, from vehicles to skis, furniture, clothes, musical instruments, different everyday items, etc.

Owing to easy, convenient and visual design any user of any level can use it without difficulties. Also the program provides you colourful visual displaying of the status of available items to be hired. It has a function of graphical view of the reservations, that helps you to see when and what item was reserved, returned or not paid. You can also choose to view the reservations in tabular form. Technical status of one item or another is displayed in the program.

This program provides you a convenient mode of changing the items status (given, returned, etc.) as well as goods reservation. It has a function quick search of item or client.

In the program you can create your personal documents. Hereby the drawing up of the document can be fully defined by the user, also you can use available ready-made templates. Remarkable fact is that the program uses easy way to create and adjust bills with header, logo and other personal elements. When you are creating the bill you can chose the hire charges. In addition to items that are available to be hired you can also add extra items into the bill. The bills are foreseen to have several VAT rates. As a matter of your convenience there is program assistant that can help you to choose right settings for your bill and to set VAT rate by default.

Item to be hired can be set manually by the user, and also imported from other programs. The item can apply specific category, and the list of categories is defined by the user himself. The item can have unlimited number of lines for description, photos, and also price category.

Working with clients you have data storage function that helps you to store clients’ contact information, their photos and history.

This program gives you the opportunity to define any period hire: an hour, a day, a week. It is possible to view a day by hours and period in several days by separate days.

The user can define price category. For each price category you can set the hire price per hour, per day and per week.

There is a special line in the program where you can describe your details regarding the hire of the items. For example, a deposit for any item, existence of breakdowns, damages, etc.

Back up function is available in the program with the aim to secure all the data. This function periodically in automatic mode offers you to save the data.

Additionally to this function the program gives you possibility to export all lists into CVS format, to print or to save in PDF format.

If you have some questions regarding the performance of this program you can address to our support service. We are always glad to help you.

We hope that you will enjoy and appreciate our program.


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