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Design and Edit Scalable Vector Graphics content for HTML5 web pages, mobile apps, animation design, and general graphics usage, HTML5 web views that work on macOS & iOS

Graphic Design produce dynamic, high-quality graphics and animation for HTML5 web views that can be displayed on most major desktop and mobile platforms, including iOS and macOS.

++++ Main Features ++++

- Outline view of SVG XML document structure. You can import and record Elements in the structure with drag-and-drop actions.
- User interface including the Web Inspector.

- SVG multi-segment path editing, with support for text on a path, path shape animation, and other path functions.
- Embed JPEG and PNG images in the SVG document, or referenced externally with a URL. SVG documents can contain embedded SVG documents.
- Plug-in architecture for adding new custom editors for SVG elements and attributes, including colors, color gradients, patterns, transforms, text paths, animation, path shape animations, etc.
- Support Google Web Fonts and TrueType fonts.
- A visual timeline graph for SMIL animation, with pause, play and restart controls. The time marker can be dragged on the timeline to see the state of the animation at any point in time.
- The SVG XML DTD is used to comply with SVG document rules, and provide convenient menus for setting predefined attribute values.
- The built-in HTTP server provides instant live previews on other clients and devices, such as desktop web browsers, mobile devices, the iPhone/iPad Simulator, other PCs on the local network, etc.
- Convert SVG graphics to native code for iOS and macOS with the Core Graphics code generator.
- Network support for SFTP transfer of SVG document files.
- Export SVG animation to MPEG-4 for HTML5 web video.

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