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Harmony of Colors

发行商: Herve Noury
价格: 1.99 USD


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«Harmony of Colors» is a software conceived for designers, architects, graphic designers, photographer, artists and all those who need a tool allowing them to choose and to experiment with color palettes. "Harmony of Colors" is conceived to allow you to experiment very quickly a large number of different solutions. 

These palettes are automatically harmonized by the software following various methods. The large screen on the display allows to draw various sketches which colors which change automatically according to the chosen harmony. "Harmony of Colors" is the software which proposes the larger numbers of harmonies : eighteen, with many variations of hue and saturation for most of them. Some of these harmonies are rare, or unique.

When a sketch pleases you, do not hesitate to save it from the menu "Sketch" : your sketch appears then in the drop-down menu, it will be easy to you to see it again in a click at any time of your work. "Harmony of Colors" is conceived so that you can experiment quickly a large number of solutions : with this menu, you can very easily compare them. You can use very numerous effects of materials for a better visualization of your colorist project also.

If your project has to fit into a context, "Harmony of Colors" helps you to find solutions. Photograph the place of your project, and put this photo in bottom of screen as a background picture. Then, click on " Find the harmonies of the background picture ". The software detects various possibilities of palettes finding or completing those in the image. Very often, a large number of palettes are proposed by the software, this will help stimulate your creativity and your imagination.

Even better, from the harmonies found in picture Harmony of Colors is able to associate every pixel of the background to one of 24 colors of the current palette, or to any colors able to be used inside the current harmony. In this case, the software will respect the saturations or the brightness of the original picture, but the composition of colors will be nicer. It is extremely useful to easily experiment on your own pictures the harmonies offered by the software. You can modify your photographies of colorize a plan quickly. 

You can work on the whole picture, or on a part of it only if desired.

For instance, if you are an architect or designer, a photographer or a web-designer, you can test these harmonies on your current project in just a few click. Or you could transform your photos in colorful harmonic images.

It is possible to use "Harmony of Colors" in relation with other softwares : "Harmony of Colors" gives the values RGB, HSB, CMYK and the values NCS approached of the current palettes., and you can export to Adobe act or AutoCAD Color Books some extended palettes of your harmonies.

"Harmony of colors" is based on color researches by Larissa Noury :


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