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Get gorgeous detail rich true HDR images that are built & processed by our "Polaris" tone mapping engine, in the highest precision workflow available today, whilst being married to one of the most simplistic Mac app interfaces there is.

Even if you're not interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography; you can still use HDRtist to increase detail and definition in single photos.

• Uses our 8th Generation tone mapping engine "Polaris" to enhance details.
• 128-Bit Unclamped precision workflow, processes images in the highest precision available today.
• Supports Metal or OpenGL for the smoothest display performance.
• Interface optimization provides a gorgeous high resolution preview area.
• The Window Sidebar and titlebar support Auto Hiding, getting out of the way when not needed.
• Split-View & Side-by-side view for comparing with the original image or medium exposure.
• Use a set of exposures or a single image, it's up to you.
• Ohanaware HDR format, allows you to save your HDR images and edit them later.

## New in version 2.2 is the option to unlock even more potential from your HDRs using the full functionality of our HDRtist NX. There's a 1-Month FREE trial available *, so you can try out these exciting features.

• 90+ options for adjusting tonality, color & detail.
• Local adjustments to improve, fix or style areas of an image.
• Crop by ratio, size or freeform. Save custom ratios & sizes.
• Meta Data Editing, set artist name, copyright, contact info.
• Incredible level of detail recovery from RAW images.
• Create HDR images from multiple JPGs or RAWs.
• 40 1-Click Styles are a great way to get started with HDR.
• 3 Different style sizes, and ability to mark your favorites.
• Define your "Style" by creating custom 1-Click Styles.
• Find inspiration for your next image with the included styles.
• Use our localized defocus extra, to create a sense of depth.
• White Balance enables localized color corrections.
• Black & White (4 modes), brings out texture & shapes.
• Localized Contrast; to enhance detail in certain areas.

HDRtist NX was awarded a 2020 Xojo Design Award, for best consumer application.

* Free trials are limited to once per customer, and like Payments, are handled by Apple Inc.


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