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Hearts of Iron 2 Complete comprises of the full Hearts of Iron 2, Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday and Doomsday Armageddon in one convenient release.

The complete compendium of the critically acclaimed Hearts of Iron 2 games in one amazing package

The sequel to the greatest World War II strategy game ever made!

Hearts of Iron 2 is a dream come true for every armchair general and forces the player to choose sides when democracy, communism and fascism clash in the battles that changed history.

Prepare for War

Hearts of Iron 2 is the sequel to the most appreciated World War II PC game of true Grand Strategic scope ever made. As in its forbear, the map spans the entire world and allows you to play one of over 175 countries during the course of World War II. The game is completely revised with an updated combat system, a new map, revised and easy-to-use interface, new technology tree and hundreds of other updates and improvements.

As the German war machine falls, two great nations rise to claim power. In the West, there is the United States, leader of the allied nations, and in the East lies the Soviet Union under communist rule. As both nations attempt to claim superiority, a new war is waiting around the corner; this time, the conflict will decide who will be the remaining superpower.

Play as the ruler of one of 175 countries through World Wars II and III. As the Allies and the Soviet Union clash in Europe, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

The campaigns and scenarios

In addition to the four grand campaigns (1936, 1939, 1941 and 1944) of the original game, one extra scenario (1945) has been added. This new “what if” scenario features a continuation war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The time limit has also been extended to 1953 and additional warfare and diplomatic options have been included.

Battle scenarios

Pre-war scenario
Spanish Civil War – Franco’s Nationalists contest the power of the elected government that has come under the sway of Marxism.

1939 Scenarios
Fall Weiss – Germany invades Poland, marking the beginning of World War II. The Winter War – The Soviet Union declares war on Finland.

1940 Scenario
Fall Gelb – The German invasion of France.

1941 Scenarios
DesertFox – The battles of North Africa. Operation Barbarossa – The German invasion of the Soviet Union. Southern Conquest – The Japanese struggle for supremacy in the Pacific.

1942 Scenarios
Battle of the Coral Sea – The series of battles around the Solomon Islands. Operation Watchtower – The Americans begin challenging Japanese control of the Pacific and Indochina.

1943 Scenario
Operation Husky – The allied invasion of Italy.

1944 Scenarios
D-Day – Stalin has demanded a second front and Italy becomes a diversion. The time has come to liberate France. The Ardennes Offensive – Germany launches its final offensive in the West in an all-or-nothinggamble to drive the Americans back into the sea.

Alternative history scenarios (What if…)

1938 Fall Grün. Czechoslovakia refuses to fold to German demands and war breaks out.

1944 Platinean War. Argentina, as part of the Axis, declares war on Brazil.

1945 Operation Downfall. The US and the Soviet Union advance to conquer Japan without unleashing nuclear weapons.

Armageddon includes two completely new alternative history scenarios, perfect for those looking for new challenges! The scenarios will also have variable end dates and in addition to a variety of new game options, gamers will find many new features.


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