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Heredis helps 100,000 genealogy enthusiasts and professionals each day to discover their ancestors and create impressive family trees. From researching documents to analyzing statistics, discover more than 150 features and carry out an incredible investigation to trace back your origins. Create trees, Find ancestors, Share your history!


Zoom in on the World: provides 4 essential features to help you search and locate crucial
events in your family history!

Geolocating Place Subdivisions: genealogists can search for a specific subdivision on a map in OpenStreetMap®, cut and paste it from a toponym, complete/replace it, and drag-and-drop it on the map.

Custom reports: we have added 2 new templates to Custom Reports: Sources and Places. Generate fully-customizable Reports and export them to Microsoft® Excel or CSV formats, even from Smart Search…

Midnight blue Theme: the Midnight blue mode boasts a darker screen, easier on your eyes

CORRECTIONS: our developers have been very attentive to your feedback on the various bugs you may have experienced. Numerous corrections have been made on the 2020 version! This version has been widely optimized and solves a few slowness issues, among other improvements.

Heredis also exists for your PC, iPad, iPhone and others. GEDCOM compatible files. English version only.

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