Hexin : Space Chess Game

发行商: Mark Morrill
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Hexin is a chess-like game that brings strategy to another dimension.

Hexin is the brain child of my son, Ryan Morrill. He was looking for a strategy game like chess to challenge his students. They all are very familiar to chess. Too familiar. He was looking for something that would provide a learning challenge to explore new strategies. Here is a link about Ryan — https://www.ualberta.ca/science/about-us/contours/2016-spring-contours/2016/june/for-the-love-of-math

How to play:

Don’t worry about not knowing exactly how the various pieces move because when you click/tap on your piece, the destination for that piece will be shown on the board. You can’t make an illegal move.

The regions:

Board - The large section in the middle. This is where pieces will interact, in play.

White/Black Hangers - These are the sections to the right or left of the Board. Pieces move from the Hanger to the Board to be put in play.

White/Black Upper/Lower Decks - These are the sections to either side of the Hanger. Pieces on the Deck must be moved to the Hanger before they can be put in play.

The playing pieces:

Space Station - If you lose your Space Station or if you are unable to get your Space Station on the Board, you lose. Protect the Space Station! Other pieces enter the Board from either your Space Station or your Portal. It can move 1 hex in any direction.

Portal - This is the first piece to be moved onto the Board. It can move any number of hexes in any direction.

Jump Ship - This piece jumps to any hex that is 3 hexes away from its starting hex.

Satellite - This piece moves one hex either away from its Space Station or towards the enemy Space Station.

Fighter, Even (Red) - This piece can move any number of hexes in an even direction.

Fighter, Odd (Blue) - This piece can move any number of hexes in an odd direction.

Fighter, Omni (Purple) - This piece can move any number of hexes in any direction. To make an Omni Fighter, you need to move a Power onto an Even or Odd Fighter.

Power - This piece is placed on an Even or Odd Fighter to make it into an Omni Fighter. The target Fighter needs to be on the Board to be powered up.

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