Hidden Folks

发行商: Adriaan de Jongh
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Game of the Year (2017) on the App Store!

Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!!

A strip of targets shows you what to look for. Click on a target for a hint, and find enough to unlock the next area.

------/ Game Features /------

- 20 hand-drawn areas
- 192 targets to find
- 1400+ mouth-originated sound effects
- 350+ unique interactions
- 3 color modes: normal, sepia, and night mode
- 22 languages (translated by the community)

------/ In-App Purchase: The Beach /------

This completely optional in-app purchase adds:
+ 5 new Beach themed areas
+ 60 more targets to find
+ 200+ unique mouth sounds
+ 50+ unique interactions

------/ Development Timeline /------

February, 2017 - Hidden Folks Release!
+ included 14 areas with 128 targets to find

June, 2017 - The Factory Update (included for free)
+ 3 new areas with 31 more targets

December, 2017 - The Snow Update (included for free)
+ 3 new areas with 35 more targets

May, 2018 - The City Road Update (included for free)
+ 1 new puzzle area in the City theme

October, 2018 - The Beach Update (in-app purchase)
+ 5 new areas with 60 more targets

The team is currently taking a break from making new areas. Sign up at the URL below to receive an email when the team is back at it and releases new areas:

------/ Need help? /------

You can always email game designer Adriaan de Jongh:


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