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F-Vault : hide secret files

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F-Vault provides users with a convenient and safe way to access private files. Easily store secret files in places where others cannot open them.

You can add any type of file to the F-Vault by dragging or from the menu. F-Vault will save a copy of these files separately (uninstalling F-Vault will also delete the files stored in F-Vault. To avoid file loss, please export the files in F-Vault out before uninstalling)

After adding files to the F-Vault, they will be protected by a password and can only be accessed by entering a user-defined password or verifying their identity through fingerprint recognition. This helps prevent others from seeing your private files and ensures more secure protection.

In F-Vault, you can directly open your photos, videos, and any other files just like in Finder. However, once the F-Vault is turned off, the file cannot be opened again even from the recent record of the opener.

Files in the F-Vault can be prevented from being searched and listed from Spotlight. Realize file stealth.

Protecting private files was never so easy. Download F-Vault now!


-Supports new Mac computers with Apple M1 chip

-Password-protected access to private photos, images, and more

- Support unlock by fingerprint

- When using other applications to open files stored in the vault, no easily traceable recent opened file records are left in the application

- Support changing data save path

-Supports any file types

-Prevents unwanted looks at your files from business partners, friends, and family

-Prevented from being searched from Spotlight

-Directly open your private images without leaving the app

-User-friendly interface

-Import files by using Drag & Drop

-Quickly accessible between the photos

-Add as many folders as you like, so you can arrange them well.

-Support macOS Dark mode

F-Vault offers the following option for Upgrading to VIP service which you can get all premium services.

Service: Upgrade to VIP
One-time purchase to get lifetime access
Monthly subscription
Yearly subscription(7-days free trial)

Price may vary by location.

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