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Hold'em Signs

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Play poker like a pro!
Hold'em Signs shows you how the pros make their decisions at the table ...

Hold'em Signs is a poker calculator for the popular poker variant Texas Hold'em with many additional functions and wizards.

The main functions include:
... before the flop
- Game recommendation after evaluating the starting hand in the starting hand categories 1-8 depending on the position. (Detailed display in ToolTip)
- Game recommendation after determining the points in the Hutchison points system for Limit Texas Hold'em Poker depending on the position. (Detailed display in ToolTip)

... between flop and river
- Indication of the possible flush and street draws and backdoor draws.
- Indication of the outs including draws and backdoor draws and display of the hit probability. (Detailed display in ToolTip)

... As a general rule
- Indication of the winning, losing and split pot probabilities through game simulations.

You can choose between two modes:

--- Real odds simulation ---
The game recommendation is based on the calculation of real odds in a Holdem Poker game. An opponent is assumed to have one of the most frequently played starting hands. All pocket pairs from AA to 22 and starting hands YX with Y as the highest card value on the board and X as an ace to two are simulated. There is no need to enter the number of players.

--- General odds simulation ---
The odds are only simulated by a general random distribution of the remaining cards in the deck to all players involved and the board.

- Display of player positions with automatic advancement with a new game.
- Indication of a recommendation for the current round in the form of a traffic light. You can adjust how loose or tight you want to play.
- Online poker mode with optimized user guidance for quick entries
- Analysis mode for table sizes with 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4 and 2 players
- Indication of your highest possible hand per rank and the opponents after the flop

Integrated assistants:
- Call assistant:
Depending on your probability of winning, the pot size and the number of all opponents, gives you the maximum call amount because you should call.

- Bet Assistant:
You want to bet but you don't know how much to bet?
Depending on your chances of winning, the bet wizard gives you the optimal stake in pot units so that you can achieve long-term profits.

- Pot Odds Assistant:
Not sure whether to call or fold on your hand?
The Pot Odds Assistant will help you make a decision and, after entering the amounts for the pot and call, give you a recommendation to call or rather to fold.

- Bluff Assistant:
If there are fewer than three players, the bluff assistant analyzes the situation and gives you a recommendation as to whether it is worth bluffing.

There are more factors involved in poker. Among other things, the betting patterns of the opponents, tells, the betting behavior in the previous rounds or your position in relation to the bettor, therefore
The recommendations are without guarantee and do not guarantee any profit.


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