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iAt - image Annotation tool help you create eye-catching photo and screenshot.

When you need to demonstrate your product to the user, iAt can help you. iAt can help you create the fastest mark in the screenshot to show a number of important icons and descriptions.

iAt Home can help you create a variety of demonstration effects, such as the torn in to paper effect, perspective and reflection, various forms of cloud-like dialog , various forms of the curve tool, as well as to enlarge the environment effect.

With iAt Home, you no longer have to worry about your software or product introductive pictures are not beautiful enough. From now on iAt can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Try iAt Home, you can make your presentation pictures cool and professional.

More than 10 annotation tools for you
- Callout / text tool
- Brush
- Line & Arrow
- Shape
- Watermark
- Magnifier / Lens
- Blur
- Crop
- Resize
- Border
- Perspective (Pro feature)
- Reflection (Pro feature)
- Effects
- Color adjust

Capture screen / region / window

Save your creative work to 4 kinds of file
- iAt project ( can edit again )
- png
- jpg
- tiff

If you want advanced features, please purchase our paid version "iAt".

The paid version support more features:
Custom options for text tools
Custom options for line tools
Custom options for shape tools
Perspective tool, which can make a wonderful picture for illustrating
Reflection tool, which can make a picture like in a mirror or water

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