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Thanks to iFlightLog, keep an electronic copy of your Pilot Logbook.

iFlightLog is easy to use and goes to the basics, you will find all the informations you can enter in your paper EASA logbook and some additions for professionals.

Enter your flights and instantly see your accumulated hours of flights.

iFlightLog allows you to create dynamic reports to view flights over a period of time. You can also filter your reports by any fields available in the log book.

Enter your licenses (Medical Certificate, PPL ...) and get an alert when they are about to expire.

Fill in flight time costs on each of your aircraft (with and without instructor) and iFlightLog automatically calculates the amount spent on each flight.

Finally iFlightLog uses your iCloud account to synchronize automatically your logbook between your different devices.

Others Features :
- Auto-Fill new Flight with Aircraft, Nature of Flight & Pilot function
- Passenger Carrier Alert
- Export & Import data as CSV File
- Import data from the first iFlightLog version

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