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iLove Video Crop is a great tool that will help you to crop your video files. With this program, you can manually select any part of your video file and crop it. It comes with a video player that will let you watch your videos for preview before or after cropping.

How to Use:
1.Click the “Import” button to load your video.
2.Move your mouse cursor onto the adjustment box to crop the video. The cropped result will be shown on the right output preview window.
3.You can set the output size as original, crop size, or customize by entering the exact numbers.
4.Click the “Export” button to save the cropped result.

Key Features:
*Supports all popular video file formats.
*Provides two preview windows, one for original and another for cropped file.
*User can crop any desired part of the video file by dragging or customize the video size.


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