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InstantChess is a multinational community of chess players from all the major chess continents – Middle East (30%), Europe (25%) and North America (20%). This makes InstantChess a perfect battleground for brains. Get in now! Play Chess, Not War!

— AI matching engine
— Any game clock (subscribers can select the game clock)
— One minute games zone
— Live chess tournaments
— Ad-free games (subscribers only)

Do you remember the excitement of winning your very first game? We have collected conventional chess sets from different countries and created for you a choice of 29 sets of chessmen and 6 chess boards reproducing them on the board. It is very likely you will find the one which you used when you played 'offline'!

Create your own 'collection' of opponents who give you a very interesting game. Send them game invitations, accept their offers or watch their live games – you will never miss a good game of chess!

No Internet connection? No problem! You practice your chess skills playing against a computer (Coach). This is also a great way of trying some unfamiliar legacy chessmen.


Unlimited Play – an unlimited number of games to play with no ads, any prefered game clock and opponent level. Available for 7 or 30 days.

Payment will be taken from your iTunes account as soon as the purchase is validated. Your subscription renews itself automatically provided you do not disable auto-review during the 24-hour period before the current period expires. The renewal charge will be applied to your account within the 24-hour period before the current subscription expires. You remain in control of your subscription and you can disable the auto-renewal feature at any time through your account settings.

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