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发行商: Vitec MV
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IntoWords – reading and writing support

IntoWords makes it easy for you to read and write on your iPad and iPhone. The new, customized keyboard provides support in the reading and writing process when you are online, independent of the app you are currently using on your tablet. The functions are integrated directly into IntoWords’ own keyboard.

Reading and writing technology
IntoWords offers text to speech with highlighting and writing assistance by way of word suggestions, word prediction, spelling assistance and the reading out the names of letters, the sounds of the alphabet, individual words or whole sentences. Word prediction is available for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish as you write. All suggestions can be read aloud with speech synthesis and easily inserted into your text with a tap on the screen.
Speech synthesis for several languages
IntoWords offers the possibility to read aloud written texts from 40 different languages using more than 98 voices. When you use the keyboard, you have access to languages and voices online.

Use OCR to have your paper documents read up to you
The IntoWords app offers the possibility to process your physical documents with OCR, thereby making your texts available for text to speech and editing. Take a picture with your camera, let IntoWords process the picture with OCR and then listen as your text is read up to you.

Access to IntoWords Dictionary
Target groups
IntoWords is designed to be used in schools, colleges or at work by children and adults who need assistance reading and writing. It is designed for those with dyslexia or have other difficulties with reading and writing. If your school or organization subscribes to IntoWords, you can download the app for free and log in. The keyboard is included automatically in the download. You only need to remember to activate it in your iPad’s settings.


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