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iRehearse 2 - Slow Downer

发行商: RJV Media
价格: 11.99 USD


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Musicians' phrase trainer, slow down music, change music pitch and tempo

Ever struggled to hear what is being played in your favourite song? - Ever wondered what exactly is happening during that screaming guitar solo or big drum fill? - Ever had to retune your instrument to practice that one track that is tuned a semi-tone down?

iRehearse is here to help…

NOTE: Please see the bottom of this description for important information about Apple Music playback.

iRehearse is a software phrase trainer designed to help musicians learn, practice and transcribe tracks. It allows you to slow down music without changing the pitch and change pitch without altering the tempo.

If you purchased iRehearse v1.2 any time in the last two years, please contact us for a free upgrade.

iRehearse 2 is the latest update to our popular musicians' rehearsal tool. It's the 'lite' version of our flag ship software, iRehearse Plus. It now features a modern interface with a large, zoomable waveform, a full 10 band EQ and up to five loops, as well as all the functions that made iRehearse version 1 great.

Change the pitch of a song:
Pitch shift a song without changing the tempo. Ideal if you need to tune a track to your instrument, or prevent the need to re-tune between tracks when rehearsing. Also allows you to play a song in open tuning that would normally require a capo.

Change the speed of a song:
Adjust the tempo of a song without changing the pitch. This allow you to practice that complex solo or riff at a slower speed without re-tuning your instrument. If you really want a challenge, you can even speed up the audio and play at twice the speed!

Loop a section of a song:
Mark up to five sections of the track to loop. Practice that tricky section again and again until it's perfect. Of course all pitch and tempo adjustments work on loops too.

Other Features:
Full EQ with presets.
Drag and Drop from Apple Music.
Bypass individual, or all adjustments with a single click.
Redefine the main shortcut keys to match your favourite layout.
Zoomable waveform display.
Quickly jump forward or backwards a definable amount within a track.
Shuffle and repeat play.
MacOS Dark Mode support.

NOTE: iRehearse is unable to play tracks that are protected using DRM (digital rights management), this includes Apple Music files that are streamed or downloaded using an Apple Music subscription. DRM is specifically designed to prevent access to the raw audio sample data within the track (to prevent copying of the audio). iRehearse requires access to this raw audio data in order to shift the pitch and tempo. Music purchased from iTunes or ripped from your own CDs will playback in iRehearse without issues.

NOTE 2: iRehearse does not export pitch or tempo shifted audio. It's is purely a music player with pitch and tempo shift functions. Our extended version of iRehearse (iRehearse Plus) does have the ability to export audio for use on your iPhone or other music player. So if you require this functionality, please take a look at iRehearse Plus.


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