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发行商: Jiulong Zhao
价格: 9.99 USD


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A video recorder equipped with dual professional teleprompters!
Not only the horizontal text scrolling but also vertical document, picture scrolling!

Everything is customizable for horizontal text scrolling, e.g. speed size font color background blurring,
Both text, PDF pages, and even pictures can be scrolled on vertical document scrolling window.

Meanwhile, two teleprompters and video recorder can be switched on/off separately make the app meet the request of all your applications...

*description of our old iReview (v1.11-v1.33-v1.50-v2.00)

iReview is an easy-to-use App that combines an auto-scroll teleprompter and a video recorder.

iReview is ideal for making video reviews, YouTube videos, presentations, lectures, and even video messages.

With iReview, shooting videos using iSight camera has never been easier and more efficient. Reading from the teleprompter, you can be just like a TV anchor, reading your script. You will appear much more confident, fluent and professional in your videos, eliminating all those annoying and embarrassing "uh"s and "um"s.

(new features added see below)
Independent, movable, and re-sizable windows for both the Teleprompter and the Recorder;
The teleprompter can display pictures and PDF's in addition to rich text;
Saved video files are perfectly balanced in size and quality;

Version History:
v1.11 -> v1.33
1.force to display the scrollbar at ANYTIME window color can be freely changed
3.add about window
4.add technical support menu link

v1.33 -> v1.50
Major upgrade version
- stable automatic scroll with speed control added;
- beep sound added for rec/stop/flip/scroll functions;
- change "About" menu's command to command shift a;

v1.50 -> v2.00
features added according to user's review and a feature request:
- add option user can select different video and audio input devices from the Preferences menu
- control key panel separated from teleprompter window
- position and size of teleprompter, VCR, control key window can be fully adjusted now
- scroll speed easy stepper control
- add Preferences, Upgrade and Support submenu
- add option reset all interface to default position and size
- add option autosave user interface settings
- add dock menu
- add feature request menu
- add more by dragonBTV menu and panel
- more detailed technical support email templet
- more detailed feature request email templet
- fix maximize button of teleprompter window
- introduction added

v2.00 -> v3.25
- fully customizable horizontal teleprompter scrolling added
- app name changed from iReview to iReview Pro

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