IronBrain: The Dangerous Way

发行商: Dmitry Kanunnikoff
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Help the robot overcome difficult challenges!

The Iron Brain robot set off through a series of challenging stages filled with dangerous traps. He definitely needs the help of a fearless professional like you!

You have to go through 15 stages, each of which is more difficult than the previous one. Retractable blades, energy pulsators, spiked presses and other traps strive to prevent the Iron Brain from reaching the final.

In addition to overcoming the traps you have to collect "solar" balls, which are necessary for the appearance of the button. Pressing the button opens the door and gives you the opportunity to proceed to the next stage.
In the case of high-lying "solar" balls, you may need to first find the "energy" ball, which raises the pedestal.
Barrels of radiation, chemicals and flammable substances are also dangerous for your hero - be careful! And try not to confuse the "solar" ball with a dangerous ball like it!

As you progress through the stages (5, 10, 15), achievements that characterize the level of your experience will open. Points of the passed stage participate in the general rating among other participants of the game.

Well, good luck!

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