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What is PortraitStudio?

There is no more need to browse Google images endlessly for the perfect pose, lighting angle or model. With free-to-pose male and female mannequins, customizable male and female busts and full lighting and camera control, PortraitStudio maximizes referencing capability and reach, and with it, perfects your paintings.

Not only is it an amazing educational tool, with it's ability to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D thinking for growing artists, it helps students and artists alike draft, blueprint and plan entire illustrations simply and easily from their desktops. There is no need to learn modeling, buy physical models, or develop walk-in studios, or pay for studio subscriptions to have access to models. No more need for bulky and expensive anatomical models to take up desk space, and no need to worry about taking your own reference photos. You have all that power and more, with added enhanced lighting features and efficient performance profiles for all levels of GPU power.

PortraitStudio offers you full control. It revolutionizes reference development and generation, projecting a virtual equivalent of real-world access to models, studio and lighting. Control over the camera allows you to take snapshots of the models from any angles needed, the studio point-light allows control over light intensity, angle distance and rotation along a z-axis. In-program model adjustment allows you to customize and generate a unique face for the model with each use. The adjustment sliders maximize customization detail for both a male and female model.

Dedicated sliders for texture, sheen and model shade are also offered in Portrait Studio. You get access to all of these features and more, as well as free patch updates for new content! It provides access to the world of the 3D modelling without all the modelling, bridging the gap between 2D and 3D forms of art education.

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