iWall Lite

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iWall makes your desktop forever, unique, vibrant and stylish, vibrant, always leading the trend.

This is iWall free experience version, if you really feel iWall do a good, very like to download the sales version, which can make iWall better and more perfect, to you and more people every day to bring more happy.

iWall is a popular video that can be used in any format (no conversion), audio (visualization), picture, animation, flash, gif, swf, 3D, program, web, website, url, url as your Dynamic wallpaper, dynamic desktop, screensaver software, and can interact.

Please note: iWall powerful, easy to use, smooth and stable operation, do not take up system resources, the chip, memory and battery will not have any impact, this is a dream, as long as you know will like, as long as the use of a will Love iWall, we do not have too much concern, iWall has been through the use and praise of countless users, rest assured to download the use of this is a tailor-made for your system tailored application, you can accompany your life. Download experience! Use is earned.

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