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Job Estimate Maker is a Powerful App that allows you to quickly Create Quotes/Estimates on your Mac.

- Custom Branding - Use your company logo.
- Inbuilt Virtual Signature Pad. Easily add instant E-Signatures to your documents or request E-Signatures from your customers Remotely via the inbuilt E-Signature Service. Customers get a link to E-sign document and the Signatures are automatically synced to your documents and you're instantly notified when a document has been signed. This speeds up quote approvals.
- Customizable Headings: Switch between "Estimate", "Quote" or "Quotation" headings.
- Multi Company Support. Create Multiple Companies and easily switch between them.
- Intuitive and Easy to use Builder that let's you save time by building professional Estimates in minutes.
- Easily Create a Menu of all your Service Items and set rates/pricing for each and easily apply them when creating your Estimates to save time.
- Duplicate Estimates
- Instantly Print, Export or Email in PDF format.
- Customizable templates with unlimited theme colors
- Add Tax & Discounts to your Estimates
- Multi-Currency Support
- Access & Create/Modify the same Estimate data from multiple Computers.
- Job & Customer Management Modules included and many other features
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