Kids Paint

发行商: Raj Kumar Shaw
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******* Jump in and start having some colourful fun! ******

Kids Paint is creative fun that inspires imagination and the clean up is simply a click away. The app gives children some initial guidance, allowing them to simply colour and add their own elements to templates provided by the app. Once they feel comfortable enough the app allows them to jump into a blank canvas, providing the tools needed to create their own masterpiece.

******* No fuss, no mess is always just a click away ******

The "Click and Go" approach will allow kids to have a positive experience that encourages them to come back over and over again. Kids paint is intuitive and simple to use. The app has no instructions and is an experience based concept, where kids feel close to the paints, pencils and erasers the moment they open up the app.

******** Jump start your child's imagination **************

Kids Paint is a hands on attempt to allow children to create pieces of art using multiple tools. The objective was to accommodate the needs of children even with minimal computer skills. Positive reinforcement using simplicity, encourages creative thinking and this is the foundation of Kids Paint.

******Have some personalized fun with your own images*****

Simply load an image from your collection and Kids paint allows kids to draw directly on top of the photos. The familiarity with the images will allow kids to have some amazing fun all around.

******** Ready to go fun, with no instructions ***********

As with all iLifeTouch apps we hope Kids paint will make your life easier one painting at a time. We stand 100% behind this app and we are committed to add new exciting elements with every update. Your feedback is required to make sure Kids paint is the best experience it can be.


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