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King's Raid

发行商: Vespa Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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The wait is finally over! [!x!] Update!

The story of the ancient kingdom that rebelled against the gods!
Explore the universe and story of Chapter 10!

The place where the power for killing the goddess lies dormant.
"So that's the place you mentioned.."

▶ Strategy-based real-time battle by utilizing Skill compositions!
Thrilling experience from dynamic real-time battle!
Use diverse hero & skill compositions to defeat the enemy!

▶ Defeat the giant dragon with your friends in various real-time PvP contents!
Acquire Legendary Gear by defeating the giant dragon with your friends!
Conquer each stage of the Raid and experience the Challenge Raid!
Participate in the Arena to play against 13 million players!

▶ A game with a great universe (storyline)!
Experience the breathtaking, distinctive, and endless adventure of King's Raid!
Obtain and progress heroes for free during your adventure to unlock new stories!
The never-ending adventure of King's Raid that you have never experienced in previous RPG games!

▶ Characters with full of emotions and expressions!
Real 3D characters just like anime!
Decorate your characters with various Costumes!

【Official Sites】

English :
Thai :
Vietnamese :



【Privacy Policy】

Free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.

【Required Permissions】
- None

【Optional Permissions】
IDFA (iOS 14 or later): Collects IDFA for marketing purposes.

※ How to revoke Permissions
Settings > King's Raid > Select a permission > Grant or revoke Permissions


【Recommended Device】
Over iOS 9.0.0
Devices released after iPhone6S
※Please note customer service may be limited to devices not recommended.


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3002 条评价


Hey I play on IPhone6 plus and I wanna know why do I crash I’m connect to a good internet connection and I have enough storage to play but it won’t because of the frequent crashes


My go-to mobile game

I have on and off played king’s raid for several years now. Recreating accounts every time I come back just to see how much has changed. It’s super simple to get into once you really put in the time to learn about what classes are best in and I have yet to make a team that isn’t able to clear the main content of the game.I am not an amazing player, but if you are looking for something more laid-back to get into while still needing to use your brain every now and then, then I would recommend King’s Raid to anyone who wants to give it a shot.Their characters are all very lovable and designed well. (My personal favorites being Shea and Ascelica) :)The story actually packs a punch, especially in Chapter 9 and 10.While there are complaints about having to spend money to progress, that is not entirely true. I have played around with many characters that are not the “must haves” and I have currently progressed just fine. Unless you really want to go for the perfect setup I would not worry too much about the “must have” characters.I see great potential and love in this game and hope that Vespa gives tons of love to the characters that they see slacking compared to the “must haves” that people constantly give attention to. I hope this game never gets drop kicked and forgotten unlike so many games that I have seen that are free to play.


The flaws

Way too hard to get any good gear. Been playing for over 2 years and have yet to obtain a single of what is considered “perfect” gear (randomness is not fun. Even your crafted item tickets only get you a small chance to get what you actually want). Also, FIX YOUR GOD DAMB CRASHING ISSUES!! As of posting, I crass every 1-5 instance/raid battles. That’s dumb. You patched Biggs 2 days ago and it got worse.



I got the game because it was fun and a friend showed it to me but when I tried to play every time a download was complete it crash when it was done every time I open the game it would crash when it said setting tables I have a stable internet connection and have more than need space I don’t know what wrong


It’s lagging on the iPhone 8

So I like the game it’s different than all RPG games I played, but the game crashes and lags every time I go to the store. Sometimes it lags on the story and in combat.


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