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KMZ Map Snapper

发行商: Mark Malone
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Open and create KMZ map files with overlay images.

Create KMZ geolocated maps with overlay images from photos and pictures, either with your own photos of maps, or with maps imported from elsewhere.

Import Controls (placemarks) from KML and IOF XML files, as well as create your own.
Check your control placement against the map, and satellite images.

Export your controls to KML files. Either export all controls, or create a MapRun compatible file with S1, numbered controls and F1 (if no F1, S1 location will be used for finish).

Export your controls to a Condes compatible file, then import to Condes to update the control locations.

Import Courses from IOF XML files, or create your own. These are simply a list of control codes in order and are used to create MapRun compatible KML files. Hubs are supported by repeating the control code for the hub for subsequent visits.

Note: KMZ Map Snapper only supports KMZ files that include overlay images.

How to Geolocate a Map:
1. Select "Import Image" and choose your photo/image.
2. Choose an obvious location on your photo, and line up the purple crosshairs.
3. Find the same location on the map, and line up the purple crosshairs on the map.
4. Press the Purple crosshair button to lock this location.
5. Repeat for another location with the blue crosshairs.
6. Check your alignment, and use your map.

Note: Most maps on information boards are accurate enough for this simple alignment method to work - they just have to be drawn to scale.

How to work with Condes (c) Finn Arildsen Software (not affiliated with Map Snapper):
1. From Condes, Export a KMZ or Bitmap Image as JPG.
2. Open KMZ, or Import JPG to Map Snapper.
3. For JPG, geolocate the Map as described above.
4. Optional: export IOF XML Event Data with controls and send to Map Snapper.
5. Edit and add controls in Map Snapper as desired.
6. From Map Snapper, Export the Controls to Condes File.
7. Import the Controls into Condes, overwriting controls that have moved.

Note: Map Snapper defaults the Condes map location bottom left corner to (0,0).
In Condes, Either:
1. Make sure print area is at (0,0) - adjust the canvas map details East & North if not.
2. Or, for a geolocated map, export IOF XML Event Data with at least 2 Controls, send to Map Snapper, and update the map location.


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