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发行商: Guangzhou Yaqiang Network Technology Co., Ltd.
价格: 10.99 USD



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Knowbie is a professional 2D, 3D, 720° panoramic, VR video player. It's not just playing videos, you can record any music that appears, such as BGM (because MacOS has built-in great video recording functions, this software does not provide video recording), you can also use the "magnifying glass" to view the partial screen Watch after zooming in to get a better viewing experience. The 3D video part supports multiple types of 3D glasses. You only need to prepare a pair of better quality 3D glasses to get stunning 3D blockbuster effects from ordinary videos. Panoramic video supports 180°3D, 360°2D and 360°3D (720°) formats, and also supports panoramic picture playback. In addition, most of its components come from the video player part of the YA!VIDEO player (equivalent to deleting the DLNA content). In theory, it supports audio, video and internal and external subtitles in any format.

Main description:
***Audio and video playback
*Almighty play local, samba/ftp/ftps remote host multimedia files
*Playing speed 0.0-16 times (free 0-2 times speed)
*Can make 3 minutes GIF animation
*Play audio, picture, video online via DLNA/Upnp
*http/https play audio, picture, video online
*Play videos on video websites to remove ads.
*Play and record function, easily record BGM, classic dialogue, etc.

***Play control
*Support AB point mode
*Unique video magnifying glass function
*Automatic detection of online video network speed
*Detect problems encountered during playback and prompt operations
* Automatically save playback progress
*Support different window playback styles
*Left and right arrows play forward and backward

***Powerful playlist
* Realize classification and grouping (useful for learning)
*Add, modify, and delete groups and single records
*Realize multi-line records drag and drop to any group and any position
* Drag and drop multiple local media files directly to the specified group
*Single record and grouping can be sorted

*Three display modes
*Progress preview, accurately locate the preview
*Different video tracks can be selected
*Multi-screen color adjustment, brightness, grayscale, contrast, blur, etc.
. . .

* Different audio tracks and different audio languages ​​switch
* Audio delay processing
*Equalizer realized by powerful audio algorithm
* Simple operation of Dolby surround and stereo sound through the equalizer.
*Equalizer can increase the volume of sound to 2-3 times
. . .

*Support internal and external subtitle playback (free)
*Subtitle delay processing
*Customize subtitle size, font selection, font border
*Font background color

***Touch Bar
*Touch Bar background customization
*Preview in Touch Bar

**Video format
mkv, wmv, mov, mp4, rmvb, m4v, ts, avi, rm, flv, f4v, f4a, swf, mpeg, mpg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, 3gp, 3gpp, m2p, webm, m4a, m2c, mpv, ts, m2ts, vob, theoretically arbitrary.

**Image Format
png, jpg, bmp, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, pdf

**audio format
mp3, aac, wav, aiff, m4a, flac,, ape, m2a, mpeg3,, ogg, oga,, mid, midi etc

ass, ssa, srt, idx&sub, lrc, smi, rt, utf, mks, vtt, sup, scc

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