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We build small personal servers that you can use as your own personal cloud.
Each server has a built-in cloud file service which is your own cloud storage, and an email server that gives you private mail. All your data can be stored on an encrypted hard drive if you decide to buy a server that supports storage encryption.
You can access your server through secured private connection (VPN) to prevent unauthorized access. The connection is encrypted using your own private key. The built-in mail service also has its own TLS encryption to make your mail communication secure. The servers can be used by multiple users.

This app is a client software to access the server, you need to buy your own server to use it, or you need to get access to somebody else's server.

Please note we do not create VPN proxy servers to offer anonymous access to the internet, our VPN is to create an encrypted connection between your devices and your server.

Please visit our website to learn more.

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