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“Latin Learn & Revise” is designed to help people to acquire and perfect their knowledge of the essentials of Latin and to progressively improve their understanding of Latin texts.

Level 1 concentrates on basic elements of grammar and simple sentence construction.

The many different types of exercises offered (multiple-choice questions, puzzles, rearranging of letters and sentences, word-guessing games, etc.) enables learners to assimilate the essentials of vocabulary and structure, to consolidate their knowledge of basic grammar and syntax and to improve their translation skills between Latin and English.

Each activity presented is supported by specific aids and examples.

Mistakes are corrected with reminders of the grammatical rules.

Learners can progress at their own pace and can continuously monitor their own progress through use of personalised score-sheets.

Grammar points covered in Level 1:
Nouns and adjectives (cases and declensions), prepositions, verbs (active and passive voices, deponent verbs, the Gerundive and the Supine), adverbs.


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