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League of Angels-Paradise Land

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Endorsed By Gal Gadot!

An epic fantasy RPG adventure with beautiful graphics and procedurally-generated levels created by a senior art director who worked on GTA5. The game features a new dual-resource combat system that incorporates Roguelike and MOBA elements resulting in a truly unique and innovative RPG in the LoA universe.

When the Prophecy of the Apocalypse spread across the land, it became woven into the fabric of fate. Legend says only "Omega," an ancient relic of the Angels, has the power to alter fate and prevent the end of the world.

Join the epic saga! EMPOWER YOUR HEROES, BATTLE WITH ANGELS! Reclaim the glory of the League of Angels!

The newest mobile game in award-winning League of Angels series is here! League of Angels: Paradise Land is the next epic fantasy RPG that will take you on a harrowing journey through the world of the Angels.


Superb Visual Presentation:
- Stunning combat effects
- Dynamic 3D scenery
- Exquisite character art and design

Engaging Strategy:
- Epic Battles: Recruit Heroes and strategically build your team to defeat the forces of evil
- Innovative Dual Resource combat system adds another layer of strategy

Multiple Progression Methods:
- Recruit Heroes, Augment and Ascend their power, learn and upgrade powerful Skills, and build your ultimate team
- Thousands of Hero Equipment to find; Upgrade, Refine, and even Awaken them to unlock their true potential
- Imbue your Heroes with new powers using the mystical Magistones
- Hero Blessing allows all your Heroes add to your strength

Wide Variety of Gameplay:
- Honor Trial: Dungeon-crawling game mode based on the Roguelike genre
- Labyrinth: Explore the darkest depths, find hidden treasures, and confront epic Bosses!
- Arena: Battle players around the world, use strategy to conquer your rivals
- Guilds: Create or join Guilds with hundreds of players, strive towards common goals

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2226 条评价

Great game

I’ve been playing fr quite a while and this game is fun to play. However developer need to improve on the server as it consistently have connection issue and log me out..


League of angels

I love this game but wish league of angels fire raiders was still up. My nephew and I played that game for years. Maybe consider bringing some more of those characters over? Blazing soul?Bring back Fire Raiders


One of the Best, but I miss Fire Raiders

I played loa fire raiders every day since I was 8 until it closed. I was very sad, but I didn’t read they were making a new game. I found this a few years later and started playing regularly for about a month. I still think fire raiders is better, and I wish the old servers could be kept up, even without the save data. I would play that game from the beginning again.


Won’t let me advance

The game won’t let get passed lvl 1-1. I got the 3 stars for 1-1, but when I fight 1-2, it doesn’t show that I beat it. It won’t let me passed 1-2


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