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Learn - iMovie 10 Edition

发行商: Swanson Digital, LLC
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This is the comprehensive tutorial on iMovie 10 (released October 2013). The tutorial is designed for both beginners as well as those looking to get the most from the extensive and sometimes hidden features of iMovie 10.

The Quickstart lesson will have those who want to jump in and quickly edit their footage, able to make a quick movie within a few minutes. The Quickstart has separate sections that explain how to make a non themed movie or how to use iMovie’s built-in themes.

The overview lesson will have beginners up and running, then the next sets of lessons go into the details so that you will get the most out of the extensive features of iMovie 10. 

The detailed lessons explain the separate panels of iMovie 10...
• The Library were your Footage is organised. 
• The Event Browser where you select your first rough cut. 
• The Content Library were your music, titles and transitions can be selected. 
• The Viewer that shows you the frames of your movie as well as the location where you can color correct and sweeten your audio. 
• The Project Pane, where your timeline is located. 
• Exporting and sharing movies and files are discussed in the Export lesson. 

There are also lessons to explain the feature rich shortcuts that can have you editing brilliant movies in the shortest time imaginable.

There is a lesson that shows the making of a sample edit, plus lessons that show where the files are kept on your computer and for those that need it, a lesson on how to use a non documented feature that will let you take a Final Cut Pro X project and bring it into iMovie to edit.

The voice and guide behind this training app is Bruce Macbryde. Bruce is an experienced tutor for; iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor, he has been teaching since 2005 and professionally editing video since 2002.

Course Outline...

**Total Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes**

1. Introduction
2.Overview of the interface
3. Quick Start - make a movie in 2 minutes
4. Library 
5. Content Library 
6. Browser
7. Viewer
8. Timeline - Project pane 
9. Importing 
10. Edit in Time line - Video
11. Edit in Time line - Audio
12. Share - Export
13. Sample Edit 
14. Keyboard shortcuts 
15. Where are the files?
16. The Making of...Screen recording with Quicktime & iMovie.   
17. Xml from FCPX to iMovie
18. Conclusion


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