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Learn - OS X Mavericks Edition

发行商: Swanson Digital, LLC
价格: 6.99 USD


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Get the most out of your Mac with our in-depth OS X Mavericks video training App! Great for anyone new to the Mac or new to OS X Mavericks. This is the 4th in-depth course TheMacU has put together for OS X since 2009. We know Mac!

•6+ Hours of 1080p HD OS X Video Tutorials! They look great on large or Retina displays!
•Over 90 lessons on everything (not just new features!) it takes to use OS X.
•Keyboard shortcuts for each lesson are listed along side the video!
•Take notes about what you have learned, the App auto-saves them and lets you print them out as one PDF!
•Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the course.
•Mark tutorials as favorites to review quickly anytime.
•The viewer is guided the with zooms, pans and highlights of what is being discussed.

With over 90 HD training videos this course covers all the basics of OS X, the new features and Apps in Mavericks and how your Mac can work with your iOS devices via iCloud. Anyone new to the Mac or new to Mavericks will benefit from these tutorials. Discover the best ways to perform basic file and folder navigation, put all those system preferences to work for you and discover how to use built in apps like Calendar, Mail, Safari, iTunes, Preview, Messages, Maps and Contacts. Each video is presented in HD at 1920x1080 resolution.

**This App contains a lot of HD video which means it is a large download (about 2GB)! Be sure you have a reliable internet connection and some time for the download to complete! Once the app is downloaded all the tutorials will be available even if your Mac is offline.**

Course Outline:
-- Desktop & Finder
1. The Desktop
2. The Finder
3. Finder Preferences
4. Using the Finder
5. The Sidebar
6. View Options
7. Finder Tabs
8. Tags
9. Built in Sharing
10. The Dock
11. The Home Folder
12. Spotlight
13. Launchpad
14. Files & Folders
15. Saving

16. Trash

--System Preferences
1. System Preferences Intro
2. General
3. Desktop & Screensaver
4. Dock
5. Mission Control
6. Language & Region
7. Security & Privacy
8. Spotlight
9. Notifications
10. Cds & DVDs
11. Displays
12. Energy Saver
13. Keyboard
14. Mouse
15. Trackpad
16. Print & Scan
17. Sound
18. iCloud
19. Internet Accounts
20. Network
21. Bluetooth
22. Sharing
23. Users & Groups
24. Parental Controls
25. App Store
26. Dictation & Speech
27. Date & Time
28. Startup Disk
29. Time Machine
30. Accessibility
31. Other

1.Full Screen, Auto Save, Versions & Resume
a. Safari Intro
c. Safari Sidebar
d.Top Sites
e.Reader & Printing
f.Viewing PDFs

a. Intro to Mail
b.View Mail
c.Compose Mail
d.Junk Mail
e.Mailboxes & Rules
f.Data Detectors & Signatures

4. Contacts
a.Contacts & Groups
b.Edit Contact Fields & Photos
c.View Options & Print

5. Calendar
a. The Calendar Interface
b.Creating Calendars & Events
c. Print Calendars

6. Reminders

7. Notes

8. Messages

9. Maps

10. iTunes 11
a. iTunes Interface 1
b.iTunes interface 2
c.Importing & Organizing Media
e.Up Next & Genius
f.iTunes Match
g.iTunes Radio
f.Using the iTunes Store

11. The Mac App Store

12. iBooks

13. Preview
a.Opening & Editing Images
b.View & Edit PDFs
c.Taking Screenshots
d.Scan in Preview

14. Text Edit
a.The Toolbar
b.Text Styles
c.Lists & Styles

a.OS X Dictionary
b. Spell Check

a.Play & Trim

17.Time Machine

18. Disk Utility
a.Reformat & Partition Drives
b.First Aid


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