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Learn the Notes is a fun, interactive game that teaches you to read music no matter what instrument or clef you would like to learn. Learn the Notes includes all the clefs: Treble Clef (G Clef), Bass Clef (F Clef), Alto Clef (C Clef) and Tenor Clef (C Clef). It has graded levels from beginner to advanced and allows you to progress at your own pace, even allowing you to skip levels if the material is too easy.

Learn the Note includes Concentration, a music memory game that teaches music symbols from the most basic to advanced. You can play Concentration alone mastering the graded levels or you can play with your friends (up to four players).

Learn the Notes is now compatible with MIDI. If you have a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller you can use it with Learn the Notes to help you master both reading the notes and playing them on your instrument.

Additionally, Learn the Notes includes a basic glossary of music to help you keep track of all the music terms you are learning.

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