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Instantly create legally binding agreements to protect yourself and your business. Simply replace a few words to fit your needs, sign on the dotted line, and you’re done.

Create contracts to ensure fair payments, hire new employees the right way, protect your business and ideas with non-disclosure agreements, and make sales and purchases the right way.

● Get 175 template documents that you can easily edit and finalize using MS Word. Keep innovative ideas safe, protect your business from legal situations, and solidify new business relationships the right way.

● 4 major categories cover nearly all business interactions, including consulting, employment, NDA, and sales & purchasing. Freelance workers and global corporations alike need the security and legal safety of these documents.

● Simply change the clearly marked keywords with your business’s details to instantly personalize every document and contract.

● Ideal for HR departments, freelance contractors, sales teams, purchasing operations, management, executive offices, and anyone else who needs to create a reliable, thorough legal document.

● Increase efficiency and reduce overhead spent on drafting these everyday agreements. Save hundreds of dollars on fees by handling your contracts internally.

“There’s no need to recreate the same documents again and again. Anyone in business will benefit from these templates.” iSource

“Working in freelance presents a lot of challenges, from ensuring that fees are paid to making sure your contracts are accurate and binding. These templates take care of all that instantly.” MacTrast

Download your legal documents and contracts now, and protect what matters.

* Legal Contracts - Business Document Templates requires MS Word, or Pages 5.0.

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